24 Healthy Eating Tips

Eat better, live better with these 24 tips for a healthy diet from Skinsational Liposculpture.

24 Tips for Eating Healthy

1. Eat Slowly – Develop the habit of eating slowly. Stop when you are satisfied. NOT when you feel full. The brain needs about 10-15 minutes to get the “Not Hungry” signal. Not only does a relaxed eating pace help control weight, it also allows you the time to truly enjoy your food. So slow down a little, and enjoy your meals.

2. Drink lots of water – Recommended water intake is ½ your weight in ounces per day. (e.g. 200 lbs = 100 oz of water per day). This helps your liver and kidneys to flush out toxins and to thin out the fat so it can be absorbed by the lymphatics easier. It is okay to drink a glass of water before and during meals, which will help curb your appetite and make you feel full. People sometimes confuse thirst with hunger. So you can end up eating extra calories when an ice-cold glass of water is all you need. If you don’t like plain water, try adding citrus or a splash of juice, or brew teas like mango or peach, which have a lot of flavor but no unnecessary calories.

3. Eat something every three hours – In Our Western culture people think we are supposed to get hungry at 8 AM, 12 noon, and again at 6 PM. The body really works on 3 hour cycles, Also you do not have to eat a meal at meal time if you are not hungry. It is also not good for you to starve yourself between meals. Like I said, the body works on 3 hour cycles, If food were like your car engine it would be best to go along all day at 30mph rather than race up to 100 mph (e.g. at meal time) and then go to idle for 4 or 5 hours (between meals) then race up to 100 mph again. Your body, like your engine, would last longer and run a lot better going the moderate route. If you eat fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight but when you’re hungry all the time, eating fewer calories can be challenging. Like I said, eat several meals per day (4 to 6 meals or snacks) this will help you control your appetite and weight. Dinner should be your last meal of the day.

4. Eat breakfast every day - Eating a healthy breakfast starts your metabolism in the morning after it has slowed down during the night. You will focus better during the day.

5. Portion control – Realize that in general, your portion sizes are probably too big. Accepted portion sizes have doubled in the past 50 years. Remember that your stomach is only about the size of your fist so it takes just a handful of food to fill it comfortably. Don’t expect to stuff 10 times that amount of food into it without negative consequences. Something many people don’t realize is that your stomach will stretch when you’re eating a lot. If you only eat small amounts of food at a time your stomach won’t stretch out like it does when you gorge yourself on a big meal. With a smaller stomach, it won’t take as much to make you feel full. This can be accomplished by taking smaller portions of food onto your plate, and when you are done with that, sit back, relax, and feel whether or not you are still hungry. Give yourself 10 to 15 minutes. If you are still hungry after that, take a tiny bit more. Again eat slowly and give your body time to signal your brain ( 10 -15 min.), you’ll find that you are usually not hungry.

6. Portion control (size of your plate) – Another tip for portion control is the size of your plate. Ever hear of the phrase “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach”? Go from the regular 12 ½ inch plate to a smaller 10 ½ inch one. Your smaller portions will look bigger and fool your brain.

7. Color makes a difference – Food is rarely blue. Blue surroundings (e.g. table cloth, candle holders, plates, glasses, etc.) psychologically depress your appetite. So add a little blue to your table and eat less without even trying.

8. Enjoy your favorite foods – Putting your favorite foods on the “off limits” list leads to weight gain because it tends to trigger ‘rebound overeating’. Instead of cutting out your favorite foods altogether, be a slim shopper. Buy one fresh bakery cookie instead of a box. You can enjoy your favorite foods, but you must do so in moderation.

9. Eat protein at every meal - Protein is more satisfying than carbohydrates or fats, and thus may be your secret weapon in weight control. Diet higher in protein and moderate in carbs, along with a lifestyle of regular exercise, have an excellent record of helping people lose weight. Getting enough protein helps preserve muscle mass and encourages fat burning while keeping you feeling full. Be sure to include healthy protein sources like yogurt, cheese, nuts, or beans, at meals and snacks.

10. Ask yourself if you are really hungry, or maybe just bored – Whenever you feel like eating, look for physical signs of hunger (e.g. growling stomach, headaches, weakness, or irritability from low blood sugar). Hunger is your body’s way of telling you that you need fuel - and when craving doesn’t come from hunger, eating will never satisfy it. When you’re done eating, you should feel better – not stuffed, bloated, or tired.

11. Think what you can add to your diet, not what you should take away – Start by focusing on getting the recommended 5 – 9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. It sounds like a lot of fruits and vegetables, but it is well worth it, because you are meeting your fiber goals and feeling more satisfied from the volume of food. You are also less likely to overeat because fruits and vegetables displace fat in your diet. As an added benefit of making sure you are getting enough fruits and vegetables, there are the health benefits they deliver as well: more than 200 studies have documented the disease–preventing qualities of phytochemicals (plant chemicals) found in produce. Also try to work vegetables into your meals instead of just serving them as side dishes on a plate. For example, you can make stir-fry, frittatas, soup, or layer them on a sandwich.

12. Spice it up – Add spices, e.g. chiles to your food for a flavor boost to help you feel more satisfied. Food that is loaded with flavor will stimulate your taste buds and be more satisfying so you won’t eat as much. When you need something sweet, suck on a red–hot fireball candy for a long – lasting bursts of sweetness with just a few calories. Remember, spicy foods like peppers, etc. are appetite suppressants.

13. Order children’s portions at restaurants – When eating out, order a child’s pizza or a small sandwich as an easy way to trim calories and get your portions under control. Psychologically your mind will be satisfied by a “full plate” and your stomach will be too.

14. Stock your kitchen with healthy convenience foods – Having ready-to-eat snacks and meals-in-minutes on hand sets you up for success. You’ll be less likely to hit the drive through fast food places or call in a pizza order if you can make a healthy meal in 5 or 10 minutes. Here are a few examples:

• 94 % fat-free microwave popcorn
   (20-25 calories per cup, and you can make it in 2 minutes)
• Frozen vegetables
• bags of pre-washed greens
• whole-grain wraps or pitas
• pre-cooked grilled chicken beast
• a few containers of pre-cooked brown rice.

15. Eat foods in season – If you don’t love certain fruits or vegetables, it could be you ate them out of season when they have little taste or flavor. Always try to eat them in season when they have the most flavor and you won’t be disappointed.

16. Swap a cup of pasta for a cup of vegetables – Simply by eating less pasta or bread and more veggies, you could lose weight. You can save between 100 and 200 calories if you reduce the portion of starch on your plate and increase the amount of vegetables.

17. Use non-food alternatives to cope with stress – Sooner or later, you’re going to be faced with a stressful situation. Instead of turning to food for comfort, be prepared with some non-food tactics that work for you. Try reading a few chapters in a novel, listening to music, exercise, meditation, deep breathing, or looking at a photo album of loved ones.

18. Be physically active – Although it may seem counterintuitive, don’t use exercise to punish yourself for eating or to “earn” the right to eat more. When you do, it sets up a negative thought pattern, which is why many people say they hate to exercise. Focus on how great you feel instead, as well as how much better you sleep and how much more energy you have when you exercise. Physical activity is good for you whether you are trying to lose weight or not, so keep it positive and build a lifelong habit.

19. Be choosey about nighttime snacks - Mindless eating occurs most frequently after dinner, especially when you finally sit down and relax. Sitting down with a bag of chips or cookies in front of the TV is an example of eating amnesia, where you mindlessly eat without being hungry, but out of habit. Either close down the kitchen after a certain hour, or allow yourself a low-calorie snack ( fruit or vegetable ). Once you find that you’re usually satisfied with a low–cal snack, try a cup of zero-calorie tea or a glass of water with a lemon in it.

20. Avoid alcohol - It is very high in calories with little or no nutritional value. It also tends to make you make you want to snack on the wrong type of snacks (eating amnesia). Light beer, for example, is 100 calories. Regular beer is between 140-200 calories, and 1 ½ oz. liquor delivers 115-200 calories.

Alcohol is a toxin and are detoxified before your fat molecules are, therefore making your I-Lipo® treatments less effective. It is very important not to drink alcohol while on the I-Lipo® program.

Facts: 3,500 calories = 1 lb. of Fat……I-Lipo will get rid of your superficial fat….your mind will keep that fat off and more importantly help rid of your visceral fat. Visceral fat (around your organs) can be life threatening over time. It can strangle and smother your organs and can cause any number of diseases. I-Lipo is that “jump start” to a healthier you.

21. Avoid man-made foods whenever possible – Man made foods have too many chemicals, preservatives, etc. Natural foods like fruits and vegetables are much healthier for you. If the label has a listing that is difficult to say or understand e.g. Monosodium glutamate, Sodium Benzoate, or Neohesperidin Dihydrohalcone, avoid it. Instead go with foods that are easy to say, e.g. lettuce, fish, apple, orange, banana…

22. Broth…warm foods satisfy – Start your meal with a warm broth ( e.g. beef or chicken). You can also drink a glass of water or water substitute (ice tea, propel, a slice of lemon in your water, etc.) before your meal. The warm broth will tend to satisfy your hunger and so will the other fluids you have before your meal. Remember, your stomach is really only the size of your fist. Once it is filled up it sends a signal to the brain (hypothalamus) in about 10-15 minutes that cuts down on your hunger. When you finally do start to eat it won’t take much food to make you feel full.

23. Out of site really does help – If you must keep stress-eating temptation foods like cookies or chips at home for others, store those foods behind larger packages or stacks of dishes. In the freezer, use bags of frozen vegetables to block your view of ice cream. When you’re commuting to work or running errands avoid driving past the bakery or fast-food restaurants.

24. Fool yourself….In stressful times when you want something sweet or salty like chocolate candies, cookies, chips or pretzels, keep cut-up carrots, radishes and celery ready in the refrigerator. These have less calories and are much healthier for you. Always remember natural is better than man-made snacks.

Losing weight in this program is a multi-faceted approach. The I-Lipo®, which is modern laser science at work, dissolves superficial fat cells. Your mind, armed with common sense and education, can do the rest. You noticed `will power’ was not mentioned…it is common sense and education that will change your life for the better for a lifetime.

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