4D Liposuction

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Bridging the gap between Liposuction and Liposculpture, comes 4D Liposuction.

It is advanced HIGH-DEFINITION Liposuction.

Advanced High-Definition Liposuction, or Liposuction 4D, or Vaser 4D Liposuction, was invented by internationally renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Alfredo Hoyos. It allows the physician to sculpt the horizontal and vertical lines in the abdomen, oblique lines in the arms around the deltoids, or perfect the neck anatomy under the chin, thus providing a chin-tuck outcome never seen before in liposculpting.

High-definition Liposuction 4D, or Vaser 4D Liposuction, requires a thorough knowledge of the anatomic planes and spaces, it combines surgery and art in an unparalleled fashion in the field of Liposculpting. Note: Results vary and are not guaranteed for all patients. All images and benefits for procedures provided by Skinsational presented on this site represent specific results for individual clients.

Below you'll see some photos of Dr. Alfredo Hoyos and Dr. Luciano Sztulman operating together, and the areas of definition achievable with 4D Vaser Liposuction.

Drs. Sztulman and Hoyos 
operating together.

The most common areas for hi-def include: vertical lines in a woman's abdomen and in the back; and in men, the abdominal six-pack, deltoids, lateral chest, pectoralis, and back.

High-definition Liposuction with Vaser ultrasound-assisted liposuction, is the only method that can achieve 4D-Liposculpture.

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