Underarm Sweat

Botox® injections can help treat excessive underarm sweat
and Hyperhydrosis!

Excessive Sweating - Botox® treatment

Excessive sweating can be a cause of a great deal of concern to some patients, and it can be a rather disturbing social event that may even affect one's emotional health. The great news is that Botox® has emerged as a proven procedure that can help reduce some types of excessive sweating and conditions like Hyperhydrosis.

You may suffer from excessive underarm sweating that might be treatable with Botox® if you:
• Change your clothes frequently
• Put absorbent materials under your clothing
• Avoid certain fabrics and styles of clothes
• Have sought medical attention and treatment

Great news: Treat underarm sweating with Botox®!

Excessive underarm sweating can be successfully suppressed by the use of FDA-approved Botox® Cosmetic for a period of time, and Botox® treatment for underarm sweat works for almost all patients. One of the most gratifying treatment responses is seen in patients who have undergone treatment for excessive underarm sweating: results are consistent.

How Botox® can treat excessive sweating. 

Botox® prevents the cellular release of an enzyme called "acetylcholine". Acetylcholine stimulates the sweat glands, and when this exzyme's action is blocked by Botox®, so is the sweat gland's activity - thus stopping the excessive sweating! 

How much Botox® will you need to treat your underarm sweat? 

The amount of Botox® to be injected depends of the size of the area, the symptoms, individual response to it, and other factors. The effect may last between 6-12 months, or longer. Individual responses do vary.
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