Microderm Facial

Microderm facials could dramatically improve your skin's beauty and shine safely and gently.

About Microderm Facials

This is a unique gentle laser treatment of your face that may remove the superficial layer of your skin in a controlled and precise fashion. One microderm facial treatment equals at least eight (8) microdermabrasion procedures and that is why we no longer offer microdermabrasions.

Note: Results vary and are not guaranteed for all patients. All images and benefits for procedures provided by Skinsational presented on this site represent specific results for individual clients.

With FOTONA microderm-resurfacing, there is no “abrasion” of your skin, as in microdermabrasion. There is sub-ablative resurfacing of the superficial layer of your skin in a gentle, controlled and smooth fashion. This procedure might be repeated, if desired, every three months. It takes about 20 minutes of your time. It is a very safe procedure.

You may have heard of chemical peels to achieve the same goals, series of 4 or 5 peels, with a charge for each treatment, etc. We believe that chemical peels are a reasonable tool for skin care, but it may carry the risk of unevenness when applied to your face, burning sensation and it can be dangerous and abrasive to your skin, as opposed to a controlled and precise laser microderm-resurfacing on your skin. Also, peels require several visits , several hours of your time and increased cost, and you will achieve significant inferior results when compared to a single FOTONA Microderm-resurfacing treatment.

The goals of the procedure include:
• Improve fine lines and fine wrinkles of the face, especially on the upper lip,
   cheeks, and forehead

• Smooth and tighten lower eyelid skin , cheek, neck , fine skin areas
• Reduce crow’s feet around the eyes

• Improve skin tone and pore size, and cleans the skin perfectly
Disclaimer:  individual results may vary. 

Cost: $575 for session.  Includes initial skin care products.
*Results may vary from person to person

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