Spider Vein Treatment

Treat spider veins in your face and legs at the Skinsational Laser Center.

*Results may vary from person to person

We may be able to help you with spider veins.

Though lying below the surface of the skin, spider veins (or varicose veins) are some of the hardest skin conditions to cover up. Spider veins can be particularly vexing because they appear in the face and legs. They are the result of chronic sun damage: as the skin becomes thinner, the vessels become more visible - especially on the face - where it may become a cosmetic problem.

Current laser technology affords great success in treating spider veins, in many cases potentially eradicating them. Remedies involve a series of individualized laser treatments using the laser designed specifically to target this condition. The laser light coagulates the blood inside the vessel, causing your body to harmlessly reabsorb it. You are likely to need additional treatments, since our body tends to re-canalize (regenerate) the veins. Laser vein removal is highly effective, but your results may vary depending on a variety of factors and are not guaranteed.

What to expect from spider vein treatment

The best news of all: a very high percentage of facial blood vessels are removed in a single treatment with no downtime. You may need a second facial treatment in six to eight weeks.  Note: Results vary and are not guaranteed for all patients. All images and benefits for procedures provided by Skinsational presented on this site represent specific results for individual clients.

Veins that appear on the legs can present as two types. Large bulging blue vessels referred to as varicose veins and smaller blue to red vessels commonly referred to as telangiectasias. To effectively eliminate varicose veins on the legs or other areas of the body, you will probably need one or two treatments. On very rare occasions, additional treatments may be required.

In all cases where you have spider vein treatment, the areas may appear bruised for several weeks and it may take three to six months for the bruising to dissolve and to completely clear. In most cases after a treatment, patients may return to their normal activities without any significant cosmetic inconvenience and no downtime. We recommend no exercise, the use of elastic stockings and avoidance of hot baths for three days after laser vein removal from the legs.

If you suffer from varicose veins, we can help 

If you are bothered by these hard-to-cover, unpleasing facial or leg blood vessels, we may be able to help.

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Click the images to view before & after photos of spider vein treatments from the Skinsational Beauty & Laser Center of Rhode Island and Boston:
*Results may vary from person to person
Varicose vein treatment on the upper thighvaricose vein treatment behind the kneespider vein treatment on the calf
varicose vein treatment on the lower lip

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